Saturday, 25 January 2014


I've had this cotton yarn on hand for a few years now.  I bought it when I knew nothing about yarn and it was the best I could find to match my nieces coat. I was never thrilled with how my toque turned out since it had no stretch. I thought about wash clothes or something similar but was never motivated (boring)
I had a brilliant idea the other day that I could make my daughter a bathing suit. She adores swimming so it was perfect. I scoured the internet for a pattern since this was out of my comfort zone but to my luck nothing was found (not even a paid one) Any thing i did find was for a 2 piece and since she's an active kid I wanted it to be a single piece, with ties to accommodate a growing girl since there is no elasticity in cotton.

Elliot - 2 years old

Going to test it out in the bathtub this week and see how much it stretches out once wet.


  1. It looks so awesome and you're daughter is absolutely gorgeous. The pics look better on here than they do on fb :) I hope it holds up in the bath x

  2. Great job! How did the bath tub test go? Have you been able to come up with the pattern yet?

  3. Your picture and suit are starting to go viral, do you have a pattern to share or sell? Thanks and lovely work!